This is your opportunity to optimize your most important career marketing tool. 

A great resume is succinct, relevant, and to the point. It highlights your skills, abilities, and knowledge while backing up your claim with specific examples. It leaves out the frills and unnecessary details, while creating an authentic representation of who you are and promoting the best version of your professional self – and landing at the top of the stack! 

Your resume is your first impression on potential employers – there are no second chances. This is exactly why your resume should be as unique as you are; it should highlight your best aspects and accomplishments, while passing through the ATS and attracting the hiring manager’s attention. 

In the worst-case scenario, your resume becomes a liability rather than an asset in your job search. In the best-case scenario, your future employer can’t wait to meet you because of your impressive resume!

Whether you are fresh out of college, a downsizing victim, a stay-at-home parent re-entering the workforce, or looking for that next promotion, you need a resume that sets you apart from other candidates vying for the same positions you are. I specialize in creating resumes for professional at all career levels and in all industries, making sure your document is targeted to answer your next employer’s needs. 

To get started, contact me and send any existing versions of your resume: we will then schedule a phone consultation in order to discuss your career goals, your background, and your accomplishments.

Every resume package includes a comprehensive phone consultation, up to two revisions of your documents, as well as a customized cover letter and thank you letter. 


Market trends and employer surveys indicate that cover letters are more important than ever. Whether you email a cover letter or use a paper version, this is your opportunity to spotlight the alignment of your expertise and accomplishments with those of your future employer. 

Cover letters need to be short and to the point, while staying interesting and engaging; make sure to address the company’s needs and offer solutions to those needs. If you can impress your reader, show what you can do for the company, and tell a relevant story, then you will be successful in securing interviews. 

A custom cover letter is included with each resume. Every order also includes a custom thank you letter that is used by job seekers to gain or maintain a competitive advantage after the interview. 

LinkedIn is a personal branding, professional networking, and lifelong career building tool that every job seeker should utilize. Used by 313 million people worldwide, it is a professional social media platform that is used by job seekers, employers, and recruiters. 

Written in the first person, a LinkedIn profile is NOT a copy of the resume. While using portions of the resume, I work with clients to tell a compelling story by creating an engaging profile that can be used to network for job opportunities and ensure a positive online presence.

I deliver the content in Microsoft Word format, with each section clearly labeled and client instructions on how to easily copy/paste into the LinkedIn profile. 

Interviewing is not a pleasant experience; in fact, most people dread the interview process. You are judged, you are put on the spot in front of decision makers, and you face the very real possibility of rejection. Doesn’t sound appealing, does it? However, you must prepare for the interview if you want to stand out from the competition and receive that job offer.

I can teach you how to sell yourself as the best candidate for the job, while covering all aspects of the interview process including preparation, research, answering/asking questions, different interview types, special circumstances, proper ways of closing an interview and following up, salary negotiation, and so much more. I provide worksheets, cheat sheets, and handouts to help you work through the concepts I present to you. My comprehensive solution to your interview preparation strategy will ensure that you are 100% prepared to confidently navigate the interview process.