Customized, affordable outplacement programs with a human touch.

During workforce reductions, business leaders and HR professionals are faced with the difficult task of choosing an outplacement program, communicating its value to employees, and maximizing dollars spent, all while staying within budget.

Let our comprehensive outplacement service take the worry out of this often confusing and difficult process. We are experts in helping displaced employees secure a new job as quickly and painlessly as possible. By really taking care of your parting employees, we minimize their negative reaction, highlight their career positives, and set them up for real, tangible job search success.

We offer the following services to help transitioning employees:

Going far beyond a generic resume review offered by other outplacement firms, a dedicated Top of the Stack Resume writer will work directly with the client to write a targeted, keyword-rich, optimized resume from scratch. This service includes a comprehensive phone consultation, cover letter, and up to two rounds of revisions. Direct phone/email contact with a qualified resume writer, and career industry expertise, are what make this service so valuable. A complete, targeted re-write aligns the resume document with the client’s career goals.

A complete, compelling LinkedIn profile is an essential component of the modern job search. Clients receive the suggested wording for all sections of the profile, custom-targeted to their future desired position and industry.

Also included are instructions on navigating and optimizing LinkedIn settings in order to maximize online and offline opportunities.

A resume and a LinkedIn profile are tools; clients get comprehensive training on how to use these tools to quickly achieve their short-term and long-term career goals.

Comprehensive training on optimizing social media presence in order to harness the power of LinkedIn, expand relevant network, improve effectiveness of online activity, and be found by recruiters. Step-by-step instructions on maximizing opportunities on LinkedIn, using the new Google Jobs feature, and tapping into the hidden job market. Includes handouts, screenshots, and a complete system to help job seekers land their next opportunity.

Exclusive, password-protected access to a comprehensive online course to fully prepare job seekers for interviews. All major interviewing topics covered in an engaging format: 4+ hours of quality video content with 27 lessons, 20+ worksheets and handouts, a comprehensive question library, and animations to enhance learning.

Topics covered in this course range from what to wear, how to research, how to talk about yourself and your accomplishments, how to ask/answer questions, how to handle difficult interview situations, follow up, talk about money, negotiate, and much, much more. Job seekers will become more confident candidates after completing this course.

Reach out to discuss your budget, timeline, and workforce requirements. A customized package will then be created for you, addressing your company needs while maximizing the benefits received by the displaced employees.