I have created an online course that prepares job seekers for job interviews.

The Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Course is a self-study, at-your-own-pace program that offers 4+ hours of quality video content: 27 lessons, over 20 worksheets and handouts, a comprehensive question library, and animations to enhance learning.

The topics range from what to wear to the interview, what to bring, how to research, how to talk about yourself and your accomplishments, how to ask and answer questions, how to handle different interview situations, follow up, talk about money, negotiate, and much, much more. Professionals at all career levels and in all industries will become more confident candidates after taking this course.

As an interview coach and the course creator, I highly recommend that you check this course out!

I’m excited to announce that I am the recommended resume writer for Centennial, a Cincinnati-based talent strategy and executive recruiting firm.

They specialize in finding the right executive talent for organizations. They partner with organizations and then seek out the right person to fill their unique business needs.

Are you a top leader that would benefit from being connected with Centennial? They would love to hear from you and add you to their network.