I was with the same company for 20+ years when I suddenly found myself looking for a new position. To say the least, I was scared! Nelly’s methodical, logical approach to preparing me for interviews really gave me the push and the confidence booster I needed. I walked into that interview knowing exactly what to do and what to say! I am very grateful that I used this service to prepare.

Brad J.Ohio

After talking with lots of other writers, I went with my friend’s recommendation and chose Nelly to work on my resume. She did a great job in a very short amount of time. Since then, I have submitted my resume to numerous jobs, and have several interviews lined up. I would recommend Nelly’s resume writing to anyone – you won’t find anybody more experienced and more honest.

E. ShenskyPennsylvania

I recommend this resume writer to all my friends. I moved to a new city and needed a job, and Nelly wrote my resume that eventually helped me land the job of my dreams! I couldn’t be happier with my resume.

P. MagarillColorado

The guidance I received during my interview coaching sessions was worth its weight in gold. I have read interviewing books and articles, but until someone walks you through it step-by-step, there is just no comparison. I highly recommend investing in this type of coaching.

Adam M.Ohio

Who knew that there is so much involved in writing a resume nowadays. I am afraid to think that I was sending out such a sub-par document before Nelly turned it around. I will recommend your service to my circle.

Jonathan S. Ohio

Thanks, Nelly, for introducing me to LinkedIn. Thanks to you I now have a stellar profile! Recruiters have contacted me already.

Shawna R.Massachusetts

I had an old, outdated resume that didn’t get any results. I contacted Nelly and she created a masterpiece! I couldn’t believe that such an impressive document, with so many accomplishments, was all about me. She found my strengths and put them into a document that I could never have created myself. Thank you!

V. Blatnoym.d.Florida

Thank you, Nelly, for explaining to me what I needed to know about interviews. I especially liked your great examples and the worksheets. I used these worksheets to create my own answers, then I practiced with my mock interviewer as you recommended. Spot-on! I got the job!

Alexandra B.New York

I followed an old co-worker’s recommendation to work with Nelly on my new resume. I got great feedback from recruiters, and I already have several interviews lined up! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with me!

Jack B. Ohio